DJ Rap
Courtesy of Rephilektor Ink

DJ Rap and Junkie XL

Charissa "DJ Rap" Saverio is a familiar face in Miami; not only did she live here for a time, but also she usually plays at crobar a few times a year, in addition to appearing during Winter Music Conference. One of a handful of stars to emerge from England during jungle's brief heyday in the late Nineties, DJ Rap still produces lots of drum and bass. But when she appears here, she spins what the grownups like -- progressive house. Oh well -- at least those inspired by her can check out Bulletproof, a new album that finds her mixing both styles via original tracks, remixes, and cuts by other artists. Amsterdam producer Junkie XL is another matter entirely. He sticks to hot and heavy breakbeat, and his set should satisfy listeners who like a little rock and roll in their dance music.

DJ Rap and Junkie XL perform at 10:00 p.m. Friday, May 20, at crobar, 1445 Washington Ave, Miami Beach. Tickets cost $15. Call 305-672-8084.


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