DJ Laz's Top Ten Booty Jams of All Time

DJ Laz's Top Ten Booty Jams of All Time
Photo by Tabatha Mudra

DJ Laz scratches a record with his teeth as a stage full of booty dancers pop and roll to the endless cheers of a wild, neon audience lost in the ecstasy of bass.

Da Pimp Wit Da Limp looks up, flashes his trademark grin, reaches behind his own back, and continues cutting shinobi slices through machine-gun braps of 808 drums. He fades across the tables into a synth line that's sweet and sticky as molasses and works the room into a hot, wet frenzy.

Vinyl rocking is an art form, and Lazaro Mendez has it mastered. Here are DJ Laz's top ten booty jams of all time.

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10. "Bass Orgasm"

You know that scene in the Howard Stern movie Private Parts where he has a girl straddle a speaker box while he hums into it through the phone on live radio? If she would've been riding out to the massive pounds of monophonic subwoofing on this DJ Laz song, she would have cum and squirted harder than the ocean in a hurricane.

9. "Latin Rhythm"

Could DJ Laz be the Johnny Cash of Latin bass? Not only are there beat smacks, conga slides, and low-end melody, this story-song also contains lyrical gems like "Met this girl named Ana Maria/She was a real fine Cubanita/Says she's from Little Havana/21st Street in a little cabana."

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