DJ Icey

What do candy ravers, goths, and swing kids have in common? They were all products of trends that flourished and then receded into the depths of subcultural obscurity. Several years later the Rainbow Brite-wannabes may have adopted a more demure style, but that doesn't stop them from coming out of the woodwork to revisit the Nineties breakbeat era with Orlando's own DJ Icey. He will be performing as part of the Y4K CD-release tour. The album features fourteen tracks of booming, booty-shaking breaks with remixes by Icey, Transformer Man, Deekline and Wizard, and more. Although dance music elitists usually snub the breakbeat genre, Icey has enough credibility to elicit respect from even the snobbiest techno aficionado. The king of funky breaks once held a residency at the infamous nightclub The Edge and was the first American DJ to be selected for the esteemed Essential Mix series. With a following that is still strong and a list of accomplishments that continues to grow, DJ Icey is still burning-hot.


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