DJ Enferno

Washington, D.C.-based turntable whiz DJ Enferno hits WMC just a few months after his marquee spot as official tour DJ for Madonna's winter Sticky Sweet tour. Besides keeping the energy high onstage, the battle-circuit champ, along with Madonna's musical director, Kevin Antunes, was charged with rearranging Madge's songs to fit the tour's groove-oriented vibe.

Since arriving home and enjoying a few months as a newlywed, Enferno has been, naturally, in high demand. He's had to give up his D.C. residencies to travel to new, farther-flung gigs, both for his innovative Live Remix Project (it is what it sounds like) and for his patented good-times club sets.

True open format is the name of his game, with rock meeting hip-hop meeting a little bit of house. But don't call him a mashup DJ. "I like mashups, but I'm not one of the DJs who plays that style where it's only mashups. That can get a little boring," he says. What you will hear, though, are a few of Enferno's unexpected rerubs of pop tracks, ranging from his own compositions for the Madonna tour to just-for-fun dance creations made from Coldplay — really.


DJ Enferno

DJ Enferno: Friday, March 27, at the DJ Times Pool Party at the Gansevoort South Plunge Pool, 2377 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. Others on the bill include Crooklyn Clan, Chachi, Skeet Skeet, Jason Smith, and others. Party goes from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free. Visit

1. Coldplay, "God Put a Smile upon Your Face (DJ Enferno Remix)"

2. The Ting Tings, "Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix)"

3. DJ Mad, "Put Your Drinks Up"

4. Madonna, "Beat Goes On (DJ Enferno Remix)"

5. Flo Rida, "Right Round"

6. T.I., "Swing Your Rag"

7. Kings of Leon, "Sex on Fire (Richard Sharkey and Peter Sar Remix)"

8. DJ Felli Fel, "Feel It"

9. Santogold, "Lights Out (Dave Rubato Remix)"

10. Pitbull, "Calle Ocho"


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