DJ Dara

Alongside his Planet of the Drums accomplices Dieselboy and AK1200, DJ Dara is one of the preeminent figureheads in American drum and bass ... though he's not American. Transplanted from Ireland in 1994, Darragh Guilfoyle quickly delved into jungle music's splintered forms, from dark-step to tech-step, to create his lauded original works, including Halfway Home and 1998's landmark continuous mix Full Circle. His longstanding partnership with DB has birthed the Breakbeat Science imprint and record store, viewed by enthusiasts as the country's best, in New York's East Village. Perhaps prompted by the grittier nuances of his urban digs, Dara has gravitated toward even darker textures and more abrasive beats on his latest mix, Antidote. His vision of spreading jungle as culture parallels that of his Drums chums, and his simple statement from various interviews has become a mantra, lending both finality and promise: "I love to spin jungle and I will never quit."


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