DJ Craze's Five Best Battle DJs of All Time

DJ Craze is more than just a Miami legend, he's an international beat-merkin' icon. And when it comes to technicality, style, battling, whatever, Crazearoni's the man.

Tonight, he's celebrating his happy birthday with an especially rowdy and festive edition of the free Slow Roast monthly at The Garret at Grand Central. And to help him celebrate, we're counting down his five best battle DJs of all freaking time!

"It was different from the DMCs and all that stuff," Craze explains. "It wasn't about coming with the most technical, groundbreaking shit, it was about making the other guy look stupid. That's what I used to love about battling, that's why I think I did so well. I didn't really care about fuckin' winning gold decks or jackets, I just cared about making the other guy look completely stupid."

DJ Craze is still making little boys look dumb, but these five dudes are the guys who inspired him on the come-up or scared the shit out of him. Impressive resume points, for sure.

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5. 8-Ball (San Francisco)

"8Ball was one of the guys that I look up to because he came out with the style where he would take a tone, like a long, single note, and make it into songs. People at the time had no idea how to do that, so they were just mesmerized by how he was playing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" or whatever was poplar at the time. People were just freaking out. And his style was ill, because he had the Kangol all the way up to his nose and shit. You were just like, 'What the fuck? How does he even do all the shit he's doing?' The tone master, yeah, he was one guy that I looked up to when I was growing up."

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