DJ Craze and Kill the Noise's Slow Roast Records: A Five-Part History

DJ Craze and Kill the Noise's Slow Roast Records: A Five-Part History

What do bass music, a pig, and Miami have in common? Why, Slow Roast Records, of course!

Now, you may know that Slow Roast was spawned by the 305's own three-time DMC world champ, DJ Craze, and studio-junky producer Kill the Noise. And you may have heard how their artist Brillz stole the party-scene spotlight with "Twonk." But there's even more to the story.

In preparation for a tasty Slow Roast showcase at Grand Central Miami starring both label bosses, we here at Crossfade have assembled a timeline of the crew's best moments.

Time to learn something, you filthy piggies.

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Obviously, DJ Craze and Kill the Noise aren't new artists. Craze has been running the deck game as a world champion since the late '90s. And Kill the Noise has been working the scene since the early 2000s with a drive so tight that even Korn tapped his talents for 2011's dubstep-inflected Path of Totality album. For years, these two dudes ran in the same circles and admired one another's hustle. So, in 2009, they decided to take the relationship to the next level, and Slow Roast Records was born.

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