DJ Boris

Better hook up the Red Bull I.V. — DJ Boris is on his way to Space. The Russian-born 35-year-old is known as much for his marathon club sets (15 hours at Crobar in 2006, 22 hours at Nocturnal during the 2007 Winter Music Conference) as for his ever-growing list of remix-resumé bullet points. The roster of artists for whom the major labels have demanded his services includes Janet Jackson ("All I Want"), Pink ("Get the Party Started"), and Gloria Estefan ("Out of Nowhere"), many of his tracks having gone on to chart.

A longtime fixture on the New York club scene, Boris (last name Inzhin) once boasted residencies at the now-defunct bastions Crobar and Discotheque. Nowadays he makes do with residencies at Asseteria (the crazed Sunday-night party at Arena) and Gypsy Tea. Outside Manhattan, his hard tribal-tech house beats have rocked top venues such as the Roxy in Boston, Empire in Las Vegas, Lucid in Montreal, and Coda in Tokyo. As per tradition, the Space show will be an all-night affair, starting in the main room before moving to the terrace.


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