DJ Baby Anne and Jen Lasher

Orlando's DJ Baby Anne delivers the breaks end of Assault & Battery, and her fixation on deep, winding Miami bass results in a slightly harder product than Jen Lasher's electro half. The squealing laser tag bursts of Product 01's "I Like It Now" are sandwiched by Anne's own "Freaks Groove" and "She's the Devil," and the latter's determined trancey pulse seals up the strongest blend here. Sinister buzzes cut in and out of "Fear2" from Roxiller (UK's Chris Carter and JHz), spelling out an atmosphere starkly opposite from that which underscores Jen Lasher's opener. "Heartbeats" is The Knife's Sweden-born synth-crazed Eighties nostalgia and makes a damn sharp first cut for the Battery half, even if it might garner Cyndi Lauper a handsome court settlement. Lasher's New Wave selections aren't as jagged as Baby Anne's breaks picks, but the snide nods to "Personal Jesus" in her dark and interesting "No More Tears" late slot trumps the bulk of the lighter stuff that precedes it.


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