DJ Baby Anne

In keeping with her reputation as the queen of electro breaks, DJ Baby Anne's Mixtress starts off noisily with Jimmy Rhodes's "Go," a cantankerous blend of feedback, whirling sirens, and a Chuck D. loop. For the first twenty minutes of her mix CD, Baby Anne continues to weave in and out of big beat cuts that thunder along like a spaceship blasting into the stratosphere. Finally, she settles down with her own "Mixtress," a series of erotic moans that probably signify some sort of cathartic release. After that, the mix becomes surprisingly melodic, as she spins into the funky video-game dub of the Plump DJs's "Creepshow." As a whole, Mixtress probably won't change anyone's mind about breakbeat. But it is undeniably well made, and holds a few surprises for the adventurous listener.


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