Adam Goldstein is DJ AM, best known for his short-lived engagement to celebutante Nicole Richie. Or maybe the paparazzi shots of him walking around all lovey-dovey with Mandy Moore. Or his gastric bypass surgery. Or the Hollywood club he owns, LAX. Or the private shows he's played for Leo DiCaprio, Jim Carrey, and J.Lo. But forget all the Entertainment Tonight stuff. If you want a big, fat, loud, eclectic music experience, it's a DJ AM show. His residency at the Roxy Theater in Hollywood — a scratch 'n' bash affair with former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker flailing away at his kit — is fast becoming one of the must-do nights out in the area. It's anyone's guess what'll be happening on the Mansion stage Friday, but it's sure to feature a crazed mix, from Rage Against the Machine to the Chemical Brothers to AM's own anything-goes joints, such as the rapid-fire superstar-radio mashup "Attention Deficit 2," in which Cyndi Lauper sings a line ended by Coldplay, whose follow-up line is finished by 38 Special, ad infinitum.


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