Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Nina Simone: A Fantasy Jazz Jam Septet for National Jazz Day

It is no secret that jazz music is a national treasure. And locally, jazz served as the soundtrack to South Florida and its sunny lifestyle way before megaclubs and laptop DJs took over.

But we're not here to bitch about overpriced nightlife spots or knob-twiddlers. It's simply time to celebrate our nation's third annual, Congress-designated Jazz Appreciation Month -- not to mention this year's National Jazz Day on April 13.

And so, we here at Crossfade have assembled a fantasy septet -- Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Nina Simone, and four other jazzy geniuses -- who we'd love to see on a stage together, dropping some righteous jams.

Dizzy Gillespie

You can't talk jazz music without mentioning one of its biggest supporters and international ambassadors. A maestro of traditional styles and a great arranger who incorporated Afro-Cuban and African sounds into his compositions as well as some extreme cheekiness, no pun intended.

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Miles Davis

For this National Jazz Day fantasy jam, we're gonna balance out Dizzy's horn with another equally legendary trumpet man, Miles Davis. Even if all you've known is 1970's Bitches Brew, that's fine, because it is a flawless album. But what else could you expect from a flawless guy? Here's his quintet doing "'Round Midnight."

Gene Krupa

All good outfits start with the drums. And there is no greater drummer in the annals of jazz history than Gene Krupa. He generated amazing syncopated energies that'd always inspire the best from the players around him.

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