Kronos (right) and his girlfriend at Rectangle ArtSpace
Kronos (right) and his girlfriend at Rectangle ArtSpace
Humberto Guida

Disturbing the Dead

Most revelers at an Art Miami Wreck 2 party in the now-infamous Rectangle ArtSpace on January 10 were completely unaware that a grisly scene was found there the week before. The decomposing body of an artist was discovered in a loft on the same floor that now housed 70 or so art-loving party people. According to Majestic Properties director Gil Terem, 27-year-old Robert Lockwood, who had recently arrived from Virginia, was sneaking into the building's lofts with shady people from around the hood, maybe prostitutes or crazy pimps. Nobody is sure of the whole story. But were the urban hipsters in attendance creeped out? No, apparently grim tales do not ruin good times with this set. Besides, ghastly stories only add to the edgy aura of this burgeoning, bohemian, soon-to-be "cognac sipping" neighborhood. So although the Wynwood Art District, which I enthusiastically insist on calling WAD, is now notoriously linked to a bag of bones found on the site of the future Ice Lofts, none of these macabre details is spoiling the fun.

The fun at Rectangle, by the way, was off the chain. The scary second floor was arranged with wood panels underneath bordering unfinished cement and ghostly white drapes hanging throughout the room. A phantasmic setting for performances by underground hip-hop acts Earthworks and Council of the Sun. In between their sets DJ Ape Grapes spun old school for the gyrating backsides of a festive crowd as eclectic as any I've ever seen. I'm talking suburban college kids, snooty Eastsiders, and fellas from around the way all jamming together. And when I asked poet and party organizer Kronos about what he does, he went off on a five-minute freestyle session that could have won an MTV MC battle. On second thought, his rhymes were intelligent and meaningful, ill suited for the Roc-A-Fella style that dominates those rap put-ons. The highlight of the evening? Legendary club kid Amuary poking some guy in the eyes who had touched his boyfriend, all of which happened in front of a giant sketch of a scrotum and dick. WAD is a wonderful place.

Rectangle ArtSpace is located on 164 NW 20th St. Call 305-244-6805.


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