Disco Biscuits at Ultra Music Festival March 27

Disco Biscuits

A little more than a year ago, Disco Biscuits shattered the dreams of Miami jamtronica kids when just eight days prior to the group's Magic City debut, guitarist Jon Gutwillig broke his wrist, forcing the group to make a quick substitution for Ultra Music Festival. Sadly, the result was a teaser set with minimal highlights by the replacement strummers, RAQ's Chris Michetti and American Babies' Tommy Hamilton.

This year, Disco Biscuits seeks to redeem itself with several group, side project, and solo performances at Ultra 2011. Up first is Conspirator, a duo made up of Biscuits bandmates Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner that always keeps it heavy on the synths, MIDI, and bass, churning out wild digital jams and in-your-face covers. And then there's the full-on Disco Biscuits experience, which will take the stage on the newly added third day of Ultra, while Gutwillig also hustles his solo act, M80 Dubstation, the same day.

So far, sources remain mum on the Disco Biscuits' inevitable late-night postparty. Some have hinted at a return to Grand Central. But whatever the case, expect your ears to bleed glitter after an all-out fusion dance-athon. Bring earplugs and sequins. Flat-brims and Air Force Ones are optional.

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