Dirty Three

With seven albums and fourteen years under their belt, the swashbuckling Aussie bandmates of Dirty Three have finally found their land legs on Cinder. Always adept at conjuring the heaving swells of oceanic drifts and tides, Dirty Three has hedged its extended instrumental sprawls so as to hew closer to pop's three-minute format. Songs such as "Flutter" and "Too Soon, Too Late" succinctly reach the sort of catharsis that used to take the band ten minutes to attain. The trio also casts a larger net with the addition of mandolin, bagpipes, bazouki, organ, and piano — making the smaller waves glister. As all three gents perform session work stateside, favors are called in and guest vocalists such as Chan Marshall and The Mekons' Sally Timms burnish their pipes on "Feral" and "Great Waves," respectively. While Cinder shows their maudlin side curbed, the group's sybaritic curves remain intact.


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