Diplo, AKA Mr. Express Himself.
Shane McCauley

Diplo at LIV's Dirty Hairy Party October 3

Spread your legs, arch your back, work it down, and make it clap. Diplo is coming to town. Oh yeah, Mr. Express Himself will hit the flashing lights of LIV for a crunked-up edition of the weekly Dirty Hairy party this Wednesday. So he needs all the pretty boys and girls to come out with their legs in the air. Booty-clap the night away to the soulful sounds of the Mad Decent master, with funkadelic support from Jessica Who, Contra, and Ruen. This show arrives on the waves of Diplo's supersuccessful EP Express Yourself, featuring elements of NOLA bounce and moombahton, with a bit of dancehall flavor. Basically, this ass-blasting bash is gonna be like taking a rocket-propelled hot-air balloon around the world. And, uh, having sex in it. You might go home with messy hair and a nasty case of whiplash. But at least you came. Diplo also has a flair for the ridiculous. So make sure you come prepared to let your freak flag fly. There's nothing wrong with feeling the music and flopping back against the wall for an impromptu "Express Yourself"-style handstand. Just wear sensible shoes. Or don't. It's kinda sexier when you leave the stilettos on.


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