Diego Jinkus and Electronic Miel

Argentine-born artist Diego Jinkus knows his way around his axe. Seriously — even when he's rocking out, his fingers are fluttering up and down his guitar's neck with hummingbird speed. His chops have even garnered him coveted sponsorships from both Godin and ESP guitars.

But Jinkus is no long-haired metal dude. Rather he's the leader of an ever-changing collective of local musicians dedicated to the groove. Jinkus cites David Bowie and King Crimson alongside Stevie Wonder and John Coltrane as influences; this diverse patchwork is evident in his band's eclectic sound. It's equal parts funk, soul, tropical beats, and rock, doused with shiny brass and slap bass. But it's all anchored in melody, with Jinkus's mellow voice relating romantic tales sprouting from a pure pop sensibility. The laid-back rhythms should perfectly complement the chilled-out vibe at Bougainvillea's, a Key West-style watering hole housed in a wooden cottage, tucked away on a side street near South Miami's mall madness.


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