Died in a Plane Crash Performs at Churchill's This Sunday

I am a composer of modern music.

The video above is my new group, Died in a Plane Crash. Let me explain: One of my current roommates is a sports fanatic. So, while I enjoy my morning coffee, he is watching ESPN Sports Center in the living room area. When I come home at night, he is watching a basketball, football, or baseball game (depending on the season). He spends entire weekends in front of the TV set watching ESPN. At first, I paid no attention to it; since I have never cared at all about sports. But over the past few months, I have been sucked in to the 24-hour sports channel through osmosis. I have been brainwashed by ESPN! Instead of going upstairs to my room, or to the library across the street, I sit right down and become hypnotized by sports. I asked a friend, and she explained that ESPN uses "extra sensory perception" to harness the energy of the viewers, or some kind of conspiracy theory.

The point is that less than a year ago, I had no idea who Larry

Fitzgerald was. But now, like millions of other Americans, I look

forward to watching his team crush the Steelers on Super Bowl Sunday. I

am the type of person that becomes easily obsessed, an "extremist" if

you will. In the late '90s for example, I began studying and playing

chess with some friends at work. Eventually, I quit the job and became

one of those homeless chess players that slept in the park (I lived in

New York City at the time).

But hold on a second. I want to talk about my latest obsession besides

watching ESPN and writing blogs for Miami New Times. It is called, Died

in a Plane Crash. It is the future of music. There are two people in

the band at the moment: me and my friend Arquimedes, who I met in

Gainesville back in early 2005. At the time, he had been letting me

sleep on his couch for a while. I had evolved from a homeless chess

player, to a transient drug fiend. Luckily, our friendship has evolved

into this band. We were both born in Miami, and we represent our city.

Died in a Plane Crash will be performing this Sunday, January 25 at

Churchill's Pub (5501 NE 2nd Ave., Little Haiti). It is free before

9pm, and $5 after that. We should go on around 10. Hope to see you



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