Destroy Everything

Let's see ... a show at Churchill's, a MySpage page headline that reads, "Fuck it up for the kids!" and a band name involving the word destroy. It's a safe bet that Tuesday's extravaganza at the premier rock dive in Little Haiti should include plenty of true punk-rock rowdiness, some of the best of it courtesy of quintet Destroy Everything, from just outside Chicago.

In a world where punk is such a watered-down and contentious term, these guys do it in its most classic form: fast, with a few — but minimal — riffs and political but playful lyrics. Yes, they can tend toward the simplistic: "You're for Uncle Sam/Your dick is in his hand." But why mince a bunch of big words? That's for pseudo-intellectuals, not for people who enjoy their rock spiky, fast, hard, and to the point. ARIELLE CASTILLO


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