Derrick Carter at Shine at the Shelborne March 10

It's been more than three decades since the birth of house music, and Chicago pioneer Derrick Carter has been there from the beginning.

The legendary DJ-producer cut his teeth spinning on the Windy City's seminal scene, which he still calls home. And Carter's musical career goes back to a time when the music still hadn't been given a generic label. "We were listening to house music before we even knew that's what it was," he reminisces. "Disco is house music. R&B is house music. Funk and soul are house music. We used to call that music deep house. Not these moody-sounding, pseudo-spiritual songs singing about unity fluff. It was deep house because you had to go deep, reaching back to the music of your roots."

Go back to basics with the Chi-Town house head's Winter Music Conference party at the Shelborne Beach Resort's Shine this Thursday. The invitation, though, comes with a few conditions from Mr. Carter: "Bring some good old dancing shoes, a dap rag, have a drank, and get to grooving. No wallflowers allowed or tolerated. I mean, why bother at that point?"


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