Demonic Domain

You can imagine how seriously Demonic Domain's songwriter/guitarist takes his death-metal band when you find out his name is D. Mon. But maybe, as a member of a barely two-year-old group with street teams in most major cities, he has the right to. "We're kind of amazed at the attention we get from all over the country," says Mon. Led by the powerful, sometimes operatic vocals of Lauren Elise, as well as the efforts of keyboardist Kari Kox and Daniel the drummer, the band gives quite a performance of hardcore gothic music. "We put on an incredible show," Mon says "There's no getting warmed up onstage; we get up there and we give them a show from start to finish." Added energy in their sets comes from Elise's enthusiasm, apparent in her movements on the stage and, oftentimes, her jumps off of it. "She usually jumps into the crowd," Mon says. "If there's a pit, she's in it a couple of times throughout the set." Additional performances include those by bands Deceiver, Necrofaith, and Blood Oath.


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