It seems like every time Deadmau5 leaves the house, he has to stop over for an appearance at Mansion; his last time at the club was just this past August. So what has he been up to since then? Well, there was the highly anticipated Ultra Records release of his debut artist album, Random Album Title, whose willfully generic moniker contrasts starkly with the distinctive tracks it contains. Although the opening number is built around a voice that declares, "Sometimes things get complicated," the cut itself is bracingly straightforward, with a spare arrangement that allows every beat to be felt. "Some Kind of Blue" and "Brazil," which follow, are more ornate and ambitious, with keyboard washes and tempo changes that add to their listenability without undermining the dance imperative. Few mixologists are capable of striking this balance, but Deadmau5 does so consistently, thereby establishing himself as yet another worthy import from north of the border.

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Mansion - Closed

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