Davila 666 at Churchill's Pub March 1

As far as Puerto Rican boy bands with American crossover appeal go, Davila 666 easily beats out Menudo with its balls-out ability to rock, though there's definitely some overlap in the wearing of leather jackets, chaps, and accessories.

Offering both clean garage pop and raw rock and roll, Davila 666's stuff is just as catchy as a Mariah Carey song, and it's all sung in Spanish. The sextet's 2008 self-titled debut LP was released via In the Red, a Los Angeles-based record label known for popularizing some of the last half-decade's most talented emerging rock acts, including the Black Lips and the late Jay Reatard.

During the last three years, Davila 666 has toured its way across the U.S. several times, and the group just got back from playing in Europe. This Tuesday, the boricua crew will be returning to filthy but lovable dive Churchill's Pub to play alongside Lake Worth psych outfit Love Handles, local all-girl band Snakehole, punk foursome Heartstrings, and teen duo Ticks.


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