David Morales

David Morales spins true, classic New York house, the pumping, four-to-the-floor, body-moving tracks that everyone, whether elitist, anti-dance, or rockist still gives props to. His most recent album, 2 Worlds Collide, was one of the best released last year, thanks to the blazing first single and collaboration with Tamra Keenan, "Here I Am." That song is still rocking nightclubs around the nation, and Morales is expected to perform the track with her at Back Door Bamby's annual throwdown Def Mix (named after Morales's management company), one of the best parties during WMC.

1. Mariah Carey, "It's Like That" (Def Island)

2. David Morales with Tamra Keenan, "Here I Am" (Ultra)

3. Soulshaker featuring Lorraine Brown, "Hypnotic, Erotic, Games" (Audiofreaks)

4. Vish vs. Palumbo, "The Beast" (white label)

5. Suzanne Palmer, "Sound of the Drum" (Star 69)

6. Haji and Emanuel, "Weekend" (Azuli)

7. Jonathan Peters, "All This Time" (Ultra)

8. Brad Carter, "Love with Me" (11C)

9. Lenny Fontana featuring Zhane, "Are You Ready" (Odyssey)

10. Groove Junkies featuring Indeya, "Music's Gotcha Jumpin'" (Morehouse)


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