Dash Rip Rock

Roots punk party trio Dash Rip Rock personifies the Louisiana State University anthem "Let the Good Times Roll." While "Let's Go Smoke Some Pot" (a parody of the Fifties dance hit "At the Hop") was a college radio hit, tracks like "DMZ," "BFE," and "Locked Inside a Liquor Store" have served as the soundtrack for bar fights and drunken hookups around the globe for more than twenty years. Yes, singer/guitarist Bill Davis is the sole member left from the band's "Pot" glory years, but if Dash's maniacal show at this year's SXSW is any indication, Tobacco Road's foundation may be structurally damaged after the group's performance. Adding to the possibilities for bar band bliss is the potential appearance of Miami resident Hokie, DRR's ex-madman four-stringer, who coined the phrase that's every rock band's best friend: "I've got your free bird right here!" Expect a lot of black eyes and single mothers to emerge from this show.


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