Dark Side of the Cop

Years ago Eddie Murphy shone in many quotable comedies before he stopped screening his scripts. But Dark Side of the Cop's probably weed-addled idea to create an alternate soundtrack for Beverly Hills Cop, inspired by the copious numbers of high school dropouts who spend Saturdays simultaneously watching Wizard of Oz and listening to Dark Side of the Moon, matured only recently. DSOTC's main songsmith Marco Panella's plan (which he shared with contributor Joe Weisenthal at the time) ripened into songs, with vocals from friend Tyler Gibbons. Dark Side of the Cop is an actual electro-folk album with quirkily noted lovesick moments. "Childhood" and the equally charming stomp-shuffle of "Love Me from Above" are lively and earnest, but the album's "Axel F" resemblances are no accident.


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