Danny Jessup Awards

"The girls always looks good" has been Danny Jessup's credo since the early Nineties, when he used the back of a real-estate office in Miami Springs to host a public-access TV show on local rock and roll. Sometimes you wonder if his glib style might be better received if he branded "It's a joke, damn it" on his forehead. But there is seriousness in Danny's World. His annual awards show (this year is his sixth, though he prefers to hype the fact that his weekly Thursday rock showcase is celebrating a decade of survival) mixes his oft-misunderstood humor (one award is given out for asshole of the year) with his efforts to encourage a musical style given short shrift in this subtropical burg (King of the Road). Around 30 bands -- including senior legends Iko-Iko, The Holy Terrors, Humbert, Dharma Bomb, Matthew Sabatella, and, of course, Rat Bastard -- will take three stages and rock out as Jessup distributes his ornate, hand-crafted trophies.


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