Danger Doom

Hip-hop collides with Comic-Con as subconscious loiterer/indie-microphone-god MF Doom meets Beatle-plunderer Danger Mouse in the whacked-out and ostensibly weird world of Adult Swim. The gravelly voiced Doom delivers his usual dazzling array of subverted clich's, multisyllabic rhymes, and bottom-feeder pop cult references -- but the MC's scrabbled word safaris are undercut by Danger Mouse's competent but conventional production and the incessant silliness of skits involving characters from the Cartoon Network. Still, it's hard to deny the majesty of Doom's collaboration with Wu Tang's Ghostface Killah on "The Mask." Over mountainous horns that give way to a valley of squiggling keystrokes, Ghost name-drops the Jetsons, Aquaman's pops, and Bill Clinton while Doom trots out his French in a plea for peace: "Three or four, either or, mon cheri amore, so why you need your heater for?" If any of this makes sense, you probably aren't paying attention.


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