Dandy Jack and the Junction SM

It is a gross presumption that all Chileans who are transplanted to Germany become exquisite microhouse producers, but the alternately minimal and multifarious tracks of expats such as Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, and Dandy Jack only reinforce the stereotype. Under the Dandy Jack moniker, Martin Schopf concerns himself less with the peaks and valleys of a rigid four-on-the-floor structure and more with the slushing of sonic detritus between each beat. Slivers of voices, razor-sharp percussion, and amoebic bass strain and stretch at the seams of Jack's collaboration with DJ Sonia Moonear, Los Siete Castigos. Throughout the CD's eight tracks, Dandy offsets geometric precision with globular underpinnings; "Casper House" lances its straight beat with incandescent tracers, while "Arabs in the Dessert" shifts like a bolus in the maw of King Kong. Best is "Guerra de las Estrellas," which bandies about whistles and thumps like two blobs playing jai alai.


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