Dan Ghenacia

Dan Ghenacia

You wouldn't know it by his minimal but funky robo-beats, but Parisian star Dan Ghenacia began his DJ career enamored of deep house. Yes, he was lured to the psychedelia dark side during a year abroad in California, and brought back the soulful sounds to his native Paris, where he started off selling records. When he actually began playing them, though, is when things really jumped off. A few years into his DJ career, Ghenacia came to dominate the Parisian late-night scene, helming a legendary after-hours weekly at Batofar, the City of Lights' top peniche — a club based on a docked boat.

By then, too, his sound had changed, morphing from a relatively orthodox four-to-the-floor into a spacier, sparser techno sound, albeit one still influenced by house's snare-heavy swing. Pulling the plug on his Batofar residency at the height of his popularity, Ghenacia instead turned his focus to developing that sound on his own label, Freak N' Chic. Since its inception in 2003, it's become one of the most carefully curated and critically respected techno labels around, releasing early efforts by rising stars such as Shonky, Jamie Jones, and Maayan Nidam. Ghenacia, too, continues to release his own tracks, which as time goes on, continue to push the limits further and further into slightly wonky outer space. During Conference, he will headline his own Freak N' Chic-sponsored party, as well as take the decks at a couple of other gigs alongside the cream of the current techno crop.

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