D. Ramirez

Dance fiends still drool over the mere thought of veteran DJ Dean Ramirez's remix of "Yeah Yeah," the woozy-cheesy electro-house Bodyrox track from 2006. In the song's heyday, Nic Fanciulli and Paul Woolford described it as one of the biggest tunes at Winter Music Conference.

And so Ramirez's star went supernova. But it wasn't the first time sudden success had leapt upon the UK DJ, who had previously scored club hits under pseudonyms such as The Lisa Marie Experience, Cordial, Finger Fest, and Rambo. Soon enough, he remembered he liked being an underground guy, and he got off the grid for a while to immerse himself in a sonic environment mainly composed of grunting, shunting techno and seductive, delicious deep house.

Such is the vibe heard on his newest mix, Headliners, released a couple of months ago on London's Azuli Records. On it, listeners will also find four previously unreleased original tracks. Remember to not like them too much, though, lest Ramirez pull another Bobby Fischer. ERIC W. SAEGER


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