D:Fuse is a collaboration between DJs and instrumentalists

Part of the appeal of producing music with machines and expensive toys is that instruments and complex beats can be synthesized with the turn of a knob. Yet when a DJ's live set is more akin to checking e-mail than performing, technology can be a drawback. D:Fuse is bringing the live element back to his music with the DJs Are Alive project. The Scumfrog, DJ Skribble, Kristine W, and Static Revenger make up the DJ/band hybrid, where all members alternate spinning and playing instruments throughout the performance. D:Fuse's most recent release, People_3 (Moist Music), is a lofty attempt to capture the energy of real instruments by melding a live band with progressive and chill house tracks.

1. DJs Are Alive, "Gimme Some Love (Vocal Mix)" (Effin)
2. Jaytech, "Genesis" (Rapid Response)
3. D:Fuse and Hiratzka feat. MC Flint, "What's It Gonna Be" (CDR)
4. Matt Darey vs. Tall Pall feat. Alabama 3, "No Submission" (Darey Products)
5. D:Fuse and Hiratzka, "In Suspense" (CDR)
6. Benz and MD, "Open Bar" (Aurium)
7. Sharon Phillips, "Want 2/Need 2 (Trente Moller Remix)" (Brickhouse)
8. Head Honcho, "Medicine (Mike Hiratzka Edit)" (Juke Box in the Sky)
9. Chris Bohn feat. Scott Weiland, "Fame (Back of the Limo Mix)" (Atel)
10. G-Tek, "El Palmar Landscape" (Climax)

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