Crossfade Live: The Cornerstoners and Alukard at Shake at The Vagabond

Crossfade Live at Shake at The Vagabond February 11.
Crossfade Live at Shake at The Vagabond February 11.
Jacob Katel

Welcome to our second edition of Crossfade Live, where we bring you streams and downloads of our original high fidelity concert recordings from bands and venues all over South Florida. We will prove live music thrives here, and hand it to you for playback at your leisure.

Last night Shake at The Vagabond held the official afterparty for Artopia, but that's not all that was being celebrated. It was also a birthday party (Ms. Goobs), a Valentines celebration, an album release for Alukard, and a tour launch for The Cornerstoners, who are winging their way to Cuba today for a national tour.

That's right, Cuba. Fuckin' awesome. Check the stream and get the download link after the jump.

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