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Stuff you need to know to avoid musical ostracism:

Fried Coke
Fried Coke?

Critical Boondoggle
The gleefully savage reviews doled out to Twyla Tharp's The Times They Are A-Changin'.
They shoulda used more trampolines.


Stuff you need to know to avoid musical ostracism

Strange Bedfellows
Vanessa Carlton signs to Murder Inc.
The Ja Rule duet is gonna be totally bad-ass.

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Video Vanguard Award
J-Shin's perhaps slightly too self-aware clip for "Send Me an E-Mail."
Actual rap lyrics: "This is nothing to LOL about." Also, nice acting job, T-Pain.

Album of the Year This Week
Describing the duration of your morning commute by saying, "It's about the length of a song on the new Joanna Newsom record."
Maybe a song and a half if you're taking the Palmetto.

Poor Judgment's apparently straight-faced suggestion that there are ten better live albums than Stop Making Sense.

Tough Choices
Turning down Meat Loaf tickets because you already agreed to go see the Shins.
You motherfuckers better actually change my life.

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