Since its inception in the Nineties, Converge has been on a path frequently dotted with the telltale signs of your average American aggro-hardcore band: blood, sweat, broken instruments/ bones, and a rabid testosterone-fueled following. Taking cues from the finest punk, metal, and hardcore, Converge continues to produce solid albums and is currently under the financially sound parenting of Epitaph records. The group's latest offering, You Fail Me, perpetuates the instrumental doom of raging guitars, hectic rhythm, and philosophical/spiritual lyricism. Fans of metal punks Man Is the Bastard, Rorschach, Grief, and Spazz will relive the heyday of Nineties hardcore. This show is a classic double-header, with fellow thrashers Municipal Waste in tow for both early and late gigs, and Metal Blade recording artists The Red Chord appearing in the back half. A short PSA for your health: Bring your earplugs and protective gear — things could get nasty.


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