Conquer the Mic: Freestyle Battle at Green Room September 19

There are a lot of folks who spit rehearsed rhymes to impress others when the opportunity to freestyle presents itself. We at New Times can be counted among these people. Our go-to verse is "Midnight stunner shit/I'm on a rocket ship/It's like a Polaroid, motherfucker/Instamatic click." From there, we have variants of what lines might follow, all elements of other "rap" songs we wrote while getting high in college. Now, is that crap good enough to win the $300 prize at Brown Bag Wednesday's Conquer the Mic: Freestyle Battle? Probably not. After all, South Florida has a long tradition of dope MCs. From homies atop the hip-hop empire — like Rick Ross — to cats who've gone mainstream — like Pitbull — talent runs deep in the tri-county area. Unless you're bringing that A game, leave the rhyming to the professionals, bro.


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