Concierto Aniversario

Yeah, prank calls and shock jocks go together like Fred and Barney, peanut butter and jelly, or Bush and bullshit. But you gotta give El Zol 95.7 DJs Enrique Santos and Joe Ferrero their due: No one else can claim to have called Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez while pretending to be Fidel Castro. So after three years of pranks and subsequent FCC fines, the duo celebrates its anniversary with a concert at the Miami Arena. Regardless of whether or not you approve of Enrique and Joe's crank-yanking antics, the concert is essential for its all-star reggaeton lineup. The big ticket here is Don Omar, who recently began a very public beef with Daddy Yankee. Allegedly a jealous Yankee has been asking concert promoters to blacklist Don Omar from appearing in the same festivals as he does. Omar retaliated with a two-minute track accusing Yankee of turning into the Ricky Martin of reggaeton. So don't be too surprised if El Don dedicates a very special song to Daddy Yankee. After all, Enrique and Joe aren't the only ones stunting in the Magic City.


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