Coheed and Cambria Bassist Arrested For Trying To Steal Oxycontin From Walgreens

Last night, TMZ reported that Coheed and Cambria bassist Mic Todd was arrested for robbing a Walgreen's pharmacy in Attleboro, Massachussetts.

Apparently, Todd wrote out a note on his cell phone demanding oxycontin and threatening the store employee with an alleged bomb.

The best-slash-worst detail is that Todd was not only arrested because he jumped into a cab after committing the robbery, but the cab was delivering him to his gig opening for Soundgarden at the Comcast Center.

Crossfade has a lot of questions: Was the tour van unavailable as a getaway car? Do Coheed and Cambria fans stick around after the opening set for Soundgarden? Does Soundgarden like Coheed and Cambria? Or was this a management pairing? And, most importantly, couldn't Chris Cornell score this guy some oxy?


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