Wednesday marks another close encounter of the Coheed and Cambria kind.
Wednesday marks another close encounter of the Coheed and Cambria kind.
Chapman Baehler

Coheed and Cambria

Coheed and Cambria is both the name of the epic space-rock quartet from upstate New York and the characters at the center of the band's mythology. Not only do these musicians craft one-off baroque-themed albums, but also they are a theme band. Coheed formed around 1995, and during the group's past four albums, frontman and lyricist Claudio Sanchez has spun an idiosyncratic sci-fi saga that has kept listeners hooked.

It begins with husband Coheed and wife Cambria; the former carries a universe-destroying virus he might have passed on to his children. It's a dense universe at that — self-referential and apocalyptic, told with reedy, searching melodies dancing in and out of charging, post-posthardcore bridges and choruses. And nothing has more of an otherworldly vibe than Sanchez's voice, a forceful falsetto that sounds as if it were being shoved up through pained lungs.

When Miami New Times last checked in with the band this past November, the musicians were touring in support of their latest album, No World for Tomorrow. It was the fourth and final installment in the Amory Wars epic, and it was still unclear in which topical direction the band would go. Meanwhile, Sanchez has been enjoying the final recesses of this creative vision, recently releasing a paperback anthology of his Amory Wars comic miniseries. Perhaps the band's shows in its current tour, which hits Revolution this Wednesday, will offer a glimpse into what comes next.


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