Coachella 2014's Best Moments

Timothy Norris

Round one of Coachella is over. And damn, was it a good one! We're all sore, sunburned, and smiling.

Here's the best of another memorable weekend in Indio.

Finding 20 bucks on the ground.

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We spent it on a slice of Hot Lips Spicy Pie pizza and a cold beer. Thank you, Coachella gods. -Taylor Hamby

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LA Weekly

The Evolution of the Bro

This year's bigger and better Yuma Tent seemed to mark an advancement in the appreciation of EDM, as many bros defected from the dubstep haven of the Sahara and lost themselves to dance in the house and experimental electronic-heavy Yuma. There was far less fist-pumping and, blessedly, much less of this. -Katie Bain

Nicolas Jaar

He opened his Friday-night DJ set in the Yuma Tent with Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain" and from there kept the packed dance tent on its toes with a set that at times seemed intentionally tuned to drive away fair-weather fans with gaps of experimental noise. Those that stuck it out got an ever more thrilling set that included jungle, hip-hop, and house and induced one of the hottest, edgiest, least self-aware dance parties of the festival. -Katie Bain

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