Coachella 2013: An Insane Campsite Tour

The Coachella campgrounds are the Wild West of the festival.

They are the sort of place you can imagine Hunter S. Thompson running around with his pants around his ankles. Drugs are more plentiful than food. And going to bed before 4 a.m. is considered an early night.

Here are some of the most dementedly wonderful Coachella campsites. Hopefully, they inspire the the fest's weekend two campers to step up their tent game.

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Photo Kai Flanders

The Unicorn Compound

This morning at dawn this campground was still blasting Chief Keef, no doubt believing their car to be an actual unicorn.

Photo by Kai Flanders

The Apocalypse Now Tent

This tent proved that you should never combine knives and hard liquor. The horror! The horror!

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