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While one hails from Ghent, Belgium, and the other from Glasgow, Scotland, the Glimmers (Mo & Benoelie, formerly the Glimmer Twins) and Optimo (JD Twitch & JG Wilkes, named after a Liquid Liquid song) are DJ teams who prove the old adage "two heads are better than one." Or rather, four hands and multiple record boxes never hurt a good time.

When they spin records, the two Glimmers switch off from track to track, mixing Peaches next to an underground acid house anthem or disco (as on the Glimmers' recent contribution to the DJ-Kicks series). Meanwhile the Optimo duo alternates in 30-minute blocks. Twitch's tastes runs all over the map (dropping Gang of Four as easily as German minimalist Superpitcher), and Wilkes's style is rigidly rhythmic (as demonstrated on Optimo's recent 42-track mix How to Kill the DJ, Part Two).

Optimo's Twitch agrees. "To me the music is more important than the mechanism, and since I don't repeat mixes -- or collect them as tracks that are marketable in their own right -- I don't consider myself making mash-ups," Twitch says. "People like ourselves and the Glimmer Twins simply recognized there was more in the musical spectrum you could dance to than any one genre at once."


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