Clocks Are Devils

Miami trio Clocks Are Devils has been playing together since 2006, according to the band's website bio. But it now joins the ranks of other local acts calling it quits before really making a mark (see also the recently defunct Call It Radar). That's too bad, because this was an outfit that kept it real, preferring to play house shows and churning out a discordant, math-rock-tinged feedback-and-fuzz onslaught.

Tuesday marks its last show, an in-store appearance at Sweat Records alongside Man Versus Man and a couple of other local acts. Still, the band recently finished recording its first — and now only — full-length album, and plans to posthumously release it on the Bowling Green-based indie Mayday! Mayday! Records. In a blog entry announcing its demise, the group hints at the possibility of an album-release reunion show, but the late-summer weather here makes bands lazy, so only time will tell.


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