Clink Label's Tim Xavier Brings Transatlantic Techno to Grand Central This Friday

It kind of sucks that techno isn't bigger in the States, considering it came from the archetypal American city of Detroit.

Today, the genre is largely a European phenomenon with much of the action revolving around the international EDM capital of Berlin. So it follows that many homegrown American techno artists have migrated there.

Case in point: The Clink label's Tim Xavier.

But for this Texas-born DJ, producer and all-around studio wizard, the move to Berlin was fate, putting him at the epicenter of the transatlantic techno zeitgeist. And there, Xavier's emerged as a much in-demand mastering engineer and "doctor of audio" for top techno labels -- like Wagon Repair, Bpitch Control, and Minus -- literally leaving his sweaty fingerprints on many a beloved release.

Add his own dark, driving techno productions on Clink (not to mention being one-half of Afternoon Coffee Boys with Tony Rohr) and Tim Xavier is making major waves on both sides of the Atlantic.

Download: Tim Xavier's DJ Mix

Tim Xavier with Vinyl residents. Friday, July 29. Grand Central. 697 N. Miami Ave., Miami. The party starts at 11 p.m. Call 305-377-2277 and visit

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