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Classic South Florida Roller Skating Tunes

Some of the hottest roller skating tracks of all time are booty, bass, and freestyle songs that were wildly popular a few decades back in South Florida. That’s because many of the jams were produced locally by outfits like Luke Records, as in the label of 2 Live Crew frontman Luther Campbell. A few of the songs are now so obscure that they seem like dusty inventions of the memory. That is, until the deejay revives a classic at the rink. 


Get ready for synthesizers and robotic voices, punctuated by sounds like the one Ms. Pacman makes when she swallows a ghost. Here are a few fave tracks that didn’t make it into this week’s “Roller Jam” story:

“When I Hear Music” – Debbie Deb (1983)

“Planet Rock” – Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force (1982)

“Give It All You Got” – Afro-Rican (1987)

(Y’all might recognize these beats from Fergie’s “Fergalicious.")

“It’s Automatic” – Freestyle (1986)

“Poison Ivy” – Young and Restless (1987)

“Let the Music Play” – Shannon(1983)

“Push It” – Salt-n-Pepa (1987)

“Diamond Girls” – Nice & Wild (1986)

“Play at Your Own Risk” – Planet Patrol (1982)

“Wild Thing” – Tone Loc (1988)

“I’ll Be All You Ever Need” – Trinere (1986)

-- Amy Guthrie


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