Churchill's Looking For Bands for Iggy Pop Tribute Night on April 21

Over the last year or so, Iggy Pop sort of became the patron saint of Miami, showing up everywhere from limited-edition Sweat Records T-shirts to random openings during Art Basel. He's been showing the city a lot of love lately, taking CNN reporters around the mainland, shouting out the Jacuzzi Boys on the Urban Outfitters site, and even, perhaps a little crazily, letting me into his "clubhouse." 

So of course Churchill's Pub, in his adopted favorite neighborhood of Little Haiti, is putting on a little something to celebrate the rock god on his birthday, Wednesday, April 21. It's meant to be an all-covers tribute night, and the venue tweeted earlier that it's still looking for bands to play. Of course, every night there features something like 10 acts, at least, so there's a lot of stage time to go around. If you already know a few Iggy Pop / Stooges covers, reach out to

Will he be there? Well, the guy's a jet-setter, but he has professed his love for Churchil's publicly, so one can dream....


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