Chuck Love

Chuck Love
Courtesy of Chuck Love

As if it wasn't apparent by his moniker, Chuck Love reveals himself as something of a smooth dude when he sings. The Minneapolis-based artist, who is also a DJ and producer, found a natural home at San Francisco's Om Records for last year's debut double-disc Bring Enough to Spill Some.

He's not just a bedroom house producer; Love is both a remixer (recently for Colette, Jay West, and Troydon) and a one-man band. He plays several instruments (including keys, bass, guitar, flute, and trumpet), which gives him a much more full and real sound than many of his computer-twiddling cronies. His MySpace headline, as of this writing, is "I snuggle with subwoofers," which is simply hard to hate. And with his fairly ambitious WMC schedule planned, there's a lot of Love to go around.

Set List

1. Chuck Love, "Love Is the Message (Chuck Love's Top Coast Mix)" (I Records)

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2. Samantha James, "Breathe You In (Fiasco's Chunkafunk)" (Om)

3. Tim Fuller, "Cheap Advice (Chuck Love Remix)" (Bombay)

4. Yogi & Husky, "It Feels Alright (Migs Petalpusher Rework)" (Salted Music)

5. Justin Martin, "Ghetto Train" (Utensil)

6. Ron Trent and Kevin Saunderson, "Funky Know How" (KMS)

7. John Plays Special, "Homage (Pumping Mix)" (I Records)

8. Samantha James, "Angel Love (Scott Wozniak Remix)" (Om)

9. Fred Everything feat. Lisa Shaw, "Here I Am (Shur-i-kan Dreamy Vocal)" (Om)

10. Chuck Love, "Moonlight (Miami Mix)" (Om)

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