Bust out your fancy footwork for Chromeo.
Bust out your fancy footwork for Chromeo.

Chromeo DJ Set

Chromeo's Dave 1 (the four-eyed Semite behind the mike and guitar) and P-Thugg (the gold-chained, do-rag-clad Lebanese behind the analog synths and talk box) have been "crossing the Gaza Strip of Sexxx Jams" to further a goal only two Canucks with disco-size balls can dream up: putting the fun back in electro-pop-funk, and giving props to Hall & Oates.

The duo's hip-hop like-mindedness dates back to their teens. "We used to have a funk band together when we were a bit younger, and then we started producing hip-hop," P-Thugg says. In 2000, they caught the ear of Tiga, a fellow Montreal DJ and one of Canada's acid-house pioneers, who signed the two on his Turbo label. And after their 2004 debut, She's in Control, created enough buzz, Chromeo saw the summer release of its second album, Fancy Footwork (both on Vice Records), a DeLorean ride through Prince's Minneapolis with beats and rhythms planted firmly in Paisley Park.

And bringing Hall & Oates to the hipster masses? "The reason all those kids listen to Hall & Oates is partly because of us. How else would they know? They're 18!" Well, no one asked you to, but your efforts are appreciated.


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