Chris Brown's Woman-Beating Warning Label and Ten New Releases That Need Disclaimers

While nobody in the United States has enough testicular fortitude to tell Chris Brown, "Hey, fuck you for beating up Rihanna back in 2009!," the United Kingdom is a little less afraid of confrontation.

Apparently, activists swarmed English music retailer HMV and labeled every single copy of Brown's latest album, Fortune, with stickers reading, "Warning, Do Not Buy This Album! This Man Beats Women."

Of course, the world is a vampire, and stickers declaring Breezy to be a perpetrator of domestic violence seemed to have, uh, helped the singer move units.

Despite the tactic's failure to damage sales of the record, this vigilant pop culture activism got us thinking about some other new releases that could definitely benefit from a warning label or two.

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Artist: R. Kelly

Album: Write Me Back

Release: June 26

Warning: "Write him back! Or else he gonna pee on you!"

Artist: Deadmau5

Album: >album title goes here

Release: September 25

Warning: "These MP3s may spontaneously burst into electro whining."

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