Rick Ross has got his hands full
Rick Ross has got his hands full

Chevy Spring Fest with Trick Daddy & Rick Ross

We all know that when people think Chevy, the musical genre that leaps to mind is hardcore rap? Yes, it seems our favorite macho auto company is undergoing what the pros call a little brand alteration. Gone is the down-home, redneck appeal. These days, it's all about keeping it rizzle. Or something.

And thus it is that we South Floridians are lucky enough to play host to the Chevy Spring Fest, which will feature a sprawling lineup of MCs, including local demigods Trick Daddy and Rick Ross. Ross, it turns out, is already wise to Chevy's budding street cred. That was him, after all, providing a cameo on Dre's blingtastic single, "Chevy Ridin' High." The 30-year-old Carol City native has been a busy man since the release of his debut, Port of Miami, this past August. He's been in demand as a guest rapper, as well as recording his sophomore effort, Trilla.

Ross will be particular pleased, we imagine, to be sharing the stage with one of his musical inspirations, the redoubtable Trick Daddy. Although he's just 31 years old, Trick has come a long way since his days as Trick Daddy Dollars. Back then, he was just another lyrical aspirant hoping to escape the mean streets of Liberty City by reciting gritty rhymes about, well, the mean streets of Liberty City. Mission accomplished.

In addition to dropping his seventh album to date, Back By Thug Demand, the Trickster is no doubt still blushing from the recent news that he has been named one of the "Top 5 Daddies in Hip-Hop" by renowned rap expert John Mayer. Anytime you've got an OG like Mayer in your corner, you know you're set. The man is an ice machine.

Hosting this jamboree — or, if you prefer, steering this pimped-out Chevy of a show — will be radio personality Russ Parr, who has never (so far as we could determine at press time) called any female basketball players "nappy-headed hos." Parr hosts his own nationally syndicated morning show, as well as the TV One dating show Get the Hook Up. Fans can therefore probably expect some kind of hilarious shenanigans involving, with any luck, attractive coeds disrobing and licking whipped cream off one another. Hey, it beats working.


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